Success Begins … in the Mind!

That’s our credo. Only that which is comprehensively planned and integrated with the latest scientifically researched industry know-how will function cost-effectively in its practical implementation. The interplay of marketing techniques and cooperative partnerships will lead us towards sustainable success.

Concept Development

We provide you with strategic concepts, right from the analysis of the first idea, through to the implementation of the hotel’s management. With our consistent service delivery, from conception to operational management, we offer a unique service package.

Hotel Consultation with a Difference

We offer professional hotel consultation with the highest level of reliability and dependability. One of the reasons for this is that we also operate our own facilities. That’s why we know exactly which details an investor or developer must take into account to ensure an operator’s long-term success.

Operational and Feasibility Analysis

At the very beginning of your hotel project, you have the levers in your hands to influence the construction and subsequent operating costs. We undertake comprehensive feasibility analyses, as well as a comprehensive tailor-made analysis, to develop a thematic thread and set the appropriate milestones. Dynamic, flexible and cost-effective from the start.

Business Planning, Financial Planning

Our bankable business plans focus on meticulous financial planning. Together with you, we carefully assess the influence this will have on all other areas of your project, and evaluate the interdependence within the overall framework.

Strategy and Organizational Development

For strategic committees, such as administrative and foundation boards, owners or investor groups, we provide support as a strategy consultant.

Not only for existing concepts, in cooperation with master builders and architects, but also for the design of new facilities, we contribute to the strategic and operational assessment and detail planning.

All in all, it’s about creating a central thread, as well as prioritizing issues that will have a positive impact on future business; it’s all about optimizing development opportunities in a success and goal-oriented manner.

Operational Optimization, Interim Management

We are a professional, competent partner when it comes to coaching managers and hotel directors to run your company successfully.

Successful turnaround is one of the most demanding management goals and requires consistent leadership and comprehensive backing. Several successful turnarounds for hotels and catering establishments testify to our skills.

Operational Management, Hotel Management

We ensure that new concepts and unique projects turn out as planned, for the enjoyment of your guests. A team of industry professionals, distinguished service providers in the Swiss hotel industry and strong executives are committed to your success in the market. We recognize the importance and interdependence of project planning and implementation for sustainable success. This makes us unique.

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Operators, Investors

Our broad network not only brings together planning and hotel management, but also real estate and investors. Interesting new business models are realized with our cost-oriented implementation, resulting in desirable properties finding the perfect owner.

Hotel Purchase, Hotel Sale

We specialize in the confidential sale of unique hotel properties in Switzerland.

The following types of properties are of great interest to us:

Developed locations in cities, Summer and/or Winter holiday destinations in Switzerland and Europe.

Existing properties with development potential, in need of restructuring or renovation, and/or expiring contracts.

Our team of construction professionals, discreet networkers, notaries and marketing specialists are also available to lend individual support, from the initial idea to the transfer of your property, including all associated communication.


In close cooperation with strong financial partners and family-owned businesses within our network, we are in a position to examine the financial feasibility of your project and, if required, to offer support for its realization.

In addition, we maintain partnerships and relationships with SGH, for the development of conversions and new construction projects. Together with our business plans, SGH’s expertise serves as a valuable basis for discussions with investors and banks, and for the application of low-interest loans and subsidies via the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Hotelkredit (Swiss Society for Hotel Credit, or SGH). Such a loan goes beyond the lending limit commonly applied by banks. In this way, financing can be achieved despite low equity capital.