We Don’t Replace Your Architects, But Rather, We Complete Your Team

For hotels and resorts, architecture plays a major role, creating a three-dimensional identity. We want to fascinate guests with our first impression, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. It’s not just about showmanship, but also about sustainable use of space, building materials, and integrating an existing property with the operational requirements of a commercial building.

As consultants for builders and architects, we provide targeted expertise for operational processes, the requirements of hotel classification, opportunities for an increase in operational profitability, as well as targeted future marketing activities. We pay special attention to structural possibilities so that subsequent operational running costs can be optimized

The Kuchen Hotel Projects AG is regularly recommended for core areas of operational and feasibility analyses, as well as consultation on architecture, new construction and conversion, interior design and operational management of “hotelleriesuisse”.

Every Project is an Experience

We unite architects and interior designers to suit your requirements. Each hotel project receives our passionate attention when it comes to conceptualizing, planning, coordinating, as well as the realization of conversions, renovations, construction and interior design.

We assist with the planning and realization of hotels, resorts, SPAs and wellness facilities, restaurants, hotel rooms and business premises. Together with our partners and a creative team, we approach our work in a goal-oriented manner, thereby successfully implementing our projects.

Return-oriented, deadline-oriented and reliable.

Development Of Design

It has been proven that companies from all sectors, from SMEs to large corporations, benefit enormously from being profiled with a consistent marketing architecture process (corporate architecture).

Cleverly applied, corporate architecture is not only a component but also evidence of a comprehensive marketing strategy. This process creates the bridge between architecture and marketing philosophy, as well as brand management, and vice versa.

Studies show that intentionally applied corporate architecture generates up to 30% new customers. Any additional costs in the construction will be more than compensated. We value your return on investment, from planning to management.

Architecture, Construction, Conversion, Interior Design

We are the right collaborators for new constructions, conversions, additions and extensions. We advocate innovative, unique hotel and tourism concepts which are cost-efficiently planned right from the start. That’s why we tender out all the hotel amenities and facilities required so that you can easily compare and determine the value for your money.

Hotel Classification

Is your classification (hotel stars & specializations) correct? What are the architectural and structural specifications for the desired star category? How do we reconcile this with an optimally designed and profitable operation? What should be considered, so that investments contribute to your hotel’s star rating?