Kuchen Hotel Projects AG
Hotel Consulting

A fortunate investment is the result of hard work and detailed planning. At Kuchen Hotel Projects AG, we offer our customers both, regardless of whether you are an investor, a seller or a property buyer.

It’s always about asking the right questions at the beginning of a project.

What are the needs? What could be done differently? It is during the planning stages that we have the most leverage to influence the construction and future operating costs. Ultimately, it’s about setting guidelines, establishing the right priorities without being too rigid about the approach.

We are experts in the hotel industry. That’s why we are able to run your properties by ourselves, if required. Our experience in operating our own hotels can also benefit you, should you already have an operator.

We guide you professionally and independently.

From initial development to conversion projects, to brand new constructions, and, if you wish, including the operational management.

From A to Z. A one-stop service. Without exception.

What We Can Offer You

We believe in the exceptional. We develop the exceptional. And we realize the exceptional.

We prove ourselves in a market that has never been easy, and will never be easy.

Each hotel has its own history, identity and character, and is part of a larger puzzle. At Kuchen Hotel Projects, we are already resolutely applying a modern approach to operational management, optimizing operational costs and ensuring that the customer experience is central to every stay.

Feasibility Studies

Opportunities, legal framework, market opportunities


Innovative, unique hotel and tourism concepts, planned to be economical from inception.


A razor-sharp competitive advantage through years of involvement in the “Marketingbeirat von Schweiz Tourismus” ST (Marketing Advisory Council of Switzerland Tourism ST).

Hotel Classification

Precise structural and operational coordination. The owner made a name for himself as head of the Swiss hotel classification organization for the star rating system, as well as quality control of the Swiss hotel industry.

Hotel Development

Innovation and conception of hotel, SPA and resort projects. Together with you, we will grow your hotel into a competitive company that excels at the day-to-day running of the hotel business, always inspiring guests.

New Hotel Construction & Hotel Conversion

We don’t replace architects and specialist planners, but as hotel developers, we create the right pre-conditions for future success.

Interior Design

With our own specialists or your associates.

Financial Planning

Done with military precision and as reliable as a Swiss clock.

Follow-On Solutions

Done with military precision and as reliable as a Swiss clock.


Income value calculations, investor-brokering

Management Optimization

Operational analysis, optimization or interim management with profit-sharing


Experience running our own hotels. Operational management of your property.

We Have True Passion for Our Work

Satisfied guests simply make us happy. But beyond that, we share a passion for the most diverse needs of the hotel industry: from development to architecture, the art of branding, finance, sales & marketing, as well as sustainable business development.


Awarding Hotel Stars


Own Hotel Rooms


Projects Completed

1 ½

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